Monday, October 17, 2011

Tapes??? Showws????? Is 9-11 an inside job????????

Yes they were here and they sold out! But Dr. Stephen Phloyd says there are more! Sooooo..... If you haven't got yours yet contact one of us and we will get one to you. The are $3 each.In fact you can grab one at our next gigger!

Saturday, October 22nd 2011
@ The Vault 702 Main Street Buffalo NY
Pleasure Leftists
Cleveland's banshee division finds its latest campaign in the similarly rustfucked terrain of Buffalo ("city of the strange ones"). Why the post-industrial vapidity of this region hasn't spawned a sound as dark and cold as itself until now is beyond me...
Utah Jazz 
(thats us!) 
Buffalo's tardlots attempt premembering all their songs AND MOOR. At l...east 1 & 1/2 new songs from these high-end wet brains. Their last show until 2012. They have t-shirts with an Iranian folk singer on the cover too. I think. 3 demos also exist. 
Father Ignorant
 Homegrown post-punk/art rock reminiscent of Meat Puppets and mid-90s skate videos.
Area Denial
Featuring: Gifford, Jeffers, Anchovies & Biff
Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives. 1st show for the "old man band".

All ages gig.

$6 I imagine.

Around punk show time. 7pm thats punk right?

Drinking and drugzz is allowed and encouraged at The Vault, where you don't have to play on carpets. THANK GAUD.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Thanks to the full moon and the staff at Spiral Scratch the show last week (February 18th) was a great success! Nobody was severely injured and there was minimal damage done to the building. We had one of our better sets even though the P.A. "wasn't working" and vocals were no where to be heard, The Homostupids were cosmic, and Plates were on fire! If Utah Jazz learned one thing that night it would be that Casa Di Pizza makes some great wings!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We must be famous... our MUSIC is on the internetz!

Dear friends and family,
   Brittany has figured out how to use a computer and put some of our songs up on bandcamp, why don't you take a listen for your self, then come check out the show at Spiral Scratch on February 18th!

Friday, January 28, 2011


cutest band in tectonic rock

it's not BB King... it's the motherfucking Homostupids. Classy Clevelanders, ex-Mormons/9 Shocks

UTAH JAZZ(that's us)
secret retards

this rock concert is happening at
291 Bryant St.
Buffalo, NY
in the basement (spooky!)
5 American dollars

Finally, somebody asked us to play another show!!!! We have been practicing and tuning our guitars for this monumental event for months now, so get ready folks! We will also (hopefully) have some of our music for you to take home with you on cassette tape and maybe cd-r. We will also post some of our groovy tunes right on this blog (when we can figure it out) for your convenience.